– Integral Therapy

The Integral Therapy includes different non-Allopathyc alternatives, all of them focused to support our clients to become aware about the origin of their energetic unbalance, mostly called: illness.

The Resonance System Quantum Response (Bioenergetic Therapy) is the backbone of our therapies. Its principle is based on the physics of resonance and it is performed using a Mars III by Bruce Copen, an equipment is made in Germany and it is the most advanced system in this category for diagnostic and treatment.


We start scanning the voltage at cellular levels, this capacity is equivalent to the vibration (frequency) of the different components of the body. Its application is unlimited if we consider that everything in the universe has a specific frequency which is the resultant of the combination of the frequencies of all its components, independently if it is a living being or inert.

In the process of awareness, it is important to detoxify our body as it helps to generate the optimal biochemical condition for the correct performance of the body. In order to reach these state we complement with a diet ruled by Throphology (science of food combining), this is a great booster for health recovery. Remember that in a toxic body the reactions to an attack (physical, emotional, mental) are out of the optimal condition and this is the start of a so called “illness” that will last until awareness is reached. The best way is getting the body-ph at the optimal balance, which is the main objective of Throphology.


Concepts from the different alternative healing processes, help us to provide a different perception to our clients about the origin of the physical discomfort they are going through.

The therapies can be perform on site or remotely, we will use the technological advantage our tools provide to eliminate the distance between you and us.

If you are interested in a therapy or want to clarify some doubts, please contact us:

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