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In Hope, Handcraft Soaps, there is a wide variety of soaps which ingredients are only of natural source, high content of glycerin and some characteristics that support skin and hair care.

All soaps are Cold Processed and slow cured to keep the best nutritional values from their ingredients, this is important if you remember that skin is the largest organ through the one many nutrients are absorbed.

Some soaps offered are:
Almonds Aromatic herbs Avocado
Banana Beer Cacao
Calendula Castile (Olive oil) Chamomile
Coconut and Honey Coffee Honey
Lime Mint Moka (coffee/cacao)
Neem Oats Oats and Honey
Orange Peppermint Rice
Tepezcohuite Wine


All soaps are made to order and the client should consider the curing time while planning the shopping (6 weeks for curing) plus the delivery time.

Do you want to buy soaps? or Do you want to clarify some doubts? Please contact us:

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