In Mubu – English

Welcome to In Mubu!

From the beginning, we have been focused to support our customers to recover their energetic balance through our Bioenergetic Therapy, also called Quantum Response Resonance Therapy.

The Bioenergetic Therapy is performed with non-invasive methods y with a fundamental principle “There is no illness, only people unbalanced”.

We, at In Mubu*, know about the importance of living consciously and the positive effect it brings to our health integrally.

You are welcome to know more about our Integral Therapy, it includes the Bioenergetic one and some others.

Also, yo are invited to visit our page of Handcrafted Soaps and we share a link to our old web page Reconexion y Luz.


“It is inside the heart, because right there resides all of our magic, our love”


*In Mubu, from Mazahua, My Heart.



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